What’s the best cloud job this year? Which cloud jobs pay the best?  Here’s a list of the 3 top cloud jobs for 2017 in terms of demand, pay and income security.

1. Cloud architect

Architect jobs generally go to those in the middle to later stages of their careers. People who aspire to and actually fill those positions usually have at least 8 to 10 years of prior on-the-job experience, often with a mix of jobs involving work as a strong technical contributor or technical expert, as a team lead, or as a first or second level manager. The job really does call for a mix of hard technical and soft people and leadership skills that is hard to acquire and develop without some time in the workforce.

Cloud architects should have experience in a consultant role, as they need to build relationships with customers and team members. Cloud architects need experience with multiple programming languages, such as Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, among others. They also need to integrate tools and services for all areas of cloud computing, such as data and networks.

2. Cloud big data specialist

Moving from those who know a little about a lot of stuff (cloud architects) to those who know a great deal about a specific technology, we come to the cloud big data specialist. These people know a lot about big data, specifically about how you can implement big data in the cloud.

These people know about AWS RedShift and AWS Elastic MapReduce, as well as the big data technologies at Google and Microsoft Azure. The key criterion for this job is not only understanding the basics of big data but the specific technologies that have the right fit and where.

3. Cloud data-integration specialist

This job is the hardest to fill because you need to understand both cloud and noncloud data-integration technologies, as well as how to integrate cloud data and on-premises data.

The demand here comes from enterprises that are migrating data to the cloud and have not thought through how to sync data within and between cloud and on-premises systems.

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